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TitleGeothermal Exploration Methods and Results Atlantic Coastal Plain
AuthorCostain, J. K.
AffiliationVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
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Volume TitleA Symposium of Geothermal Energy and Its Direct Uses in The Eastern United States
PublisherGeothermal Resources Council
Publication PlaceDavis, California
SubjectsExploration; Geophysical surveys; Heat flow; Granite
KeywordsExploration; Geophysical Surveys; Temperature Gradients; Space Heating; Thermal Conductivity; Plutons; Granite; Gravity Surveys; Magnetic Surveys; Seismic Surveys; Hot Springs; Temperatures; Radiogenic Heat Sources; Atlantic Coastal Plain; Darcy's Law
Geographic TermsEastern United States; Atlantic Coastal Plain
Document NumberSpecial Report 5
Document TypeText
NoteAlso published as DOE/SAN-2118-1, with variant title "A Symposium on…"
GRC ID#1005337