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TitleCalpine Geysers’ Units 18 and 20’s Stretford System Froth and Balance Tank Level Measurement
AuthorDerenia, Anthony; Ershen, Cathy; Carroll, Pat
AffiliationCalpine; Rosemount Measurement
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Volume TitleA Global Resource, From Larderello to Las Vegas
JournalGeothermal Resources Council Transactions
PublisherGeothermal Resources Council
Publication PlaceDavis, CA
SubjectsPower plant design and operation; Equipment design; Effluent abatement; Hydrogen sulfide; Air quality
KeywordsStretford abatement system; H2S abatement; froth tank; balance tank; level measurement; non-contacting radar; bubbler; air emissions control equipment
Geographic TermsThe Geysers, California
Document TypeCD-ROM
GRC ID#1030644