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TitleCase Study and First Look: Contemporary Magnetotelluric Studies within Nereidas Valley, Nevado Del Ruiz Volcano, Colombia
AuthorJimenez, R. D. Garcia; Yermanos, S. L. Gutierrez; Perez, E. R. Pareja; Ospina, L. T. Pusquin; Dewhurst, Warren T.; Lopez, Julian P.
AffiliationUniversity of Caldas; Dewhurst Group, LLC; Central Hidroelectrica de Caldas S.A.
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Volume TitleA Global Resource, From Larderello to Las Vegas
JournalGeothermal Resources Council Transactions
PublisherGeothermal Resources Council
Publication PlaceDavis, CA
SubjectsExploration; Geophysical surveys; Resisitivity surveys; Magnetotelluric surveys
KeywordsMagnetotelluric survey; Nevado Del Ruiz; Nereidas Valley; Colombia; geothermal
Geographic TermsNevado del Ruiz, Colombia
Document TypeCD-ROM
GRC ID#1030685