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Structural Constraints of Buffalo Valley Hot Springs, North-Central Nevada Molisee, Danielle D.; Bell, John W.Geothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2015
Evaluation of Subsurface Structures Using Hydrothermal Alteration Mineralogy — A Case Study of Olkaria South East Field Mwania, Michael M.Geothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2015
Distribution of Hydrothermal Alteration in the Cerritos Colorados Geothermal Field, Mexico Ruiz, D. A. Rocha; Zuniga, R. HernandezGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2015
Structural Controls of the Black Warrior Blind Geothermal System, Washoe-Churchill Counties, Truckee Range, Northwestern Nevada, USA Sadowski, Andrew J.; Faulds, James E.Geothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2015
Quantifying How Errors in Thermal Conductivity Estimates Affect Geothermal Production Models Crowell, James "Josh"Geothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2015
Separating Intrinsic from Scattering Seismic Wave Attenuation from Sonic Logs in a Geothermal Field Duran, Evert; van Wijk, Kasper; Adam, Ludmila; Wallis, IreneGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2015
Observations and Implications of Magnetotelluric Data for Resolving Stratigraphic Reservoirs Beneath the Black Rock Desert, Utah, USA Hardwick, Christian L.; Allis, Rick; Wannamaker, Philip E.Geothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2015
Three-Dimensional Structural Model Building, Induced Seismicity Analysis, Drilling Analysis, and Reservoir Management at The Geysers Geothermal Field, Northern California Hartline, Craig S.; Walters, Mark A.; Wright, Melinda C.Geothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2015
Examination of a Site-Specific, Physics-Based Seismic Hazard Analysis, Applied to Surrounding Communities of The Geysers Geothermal Development Area Hutchings, Lawrence; Savy, Jean; Bachmann, Corinne; Heidbach, Oliver; Miah, Mamun; Lindsey, Nate; Singh, Ankit; Laboso, RoselyneGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2015
Preliminary Results of a Heat Flow Study of the Williston Basin Using Temporarily Abandoned Oil Wells, Western North Dakota McDonald, Mark R.; Gosnold, William D.; Nordeng, Stephan H.Geothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2015
Potentiality of Continuous Measurements Using a Small-Sized Superconducting Gravimeter for Geothermal Reservoir Monitoring Sugihara, Mituhiko; Nawa, Kazunari; Ishido, Tsuneo; Soma, Nobukazu; Nishi, YujiGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2015
Particle Deposition in Porous Media: A Review Cui, Mingjie; Lei, Haiyan; Dai, ChuanshanGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2015
Co-Produced and Low-Temperature Geothermal Resources in the Williston Basin Gosnold, Will; Crowell, Anna; Nordeng, Stephan; Mann, MichaelGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2015
A Basin-Scale Geothermal Assessment of Co-Produced Waters in Oil and Gas Fields: Uinta Basin, Utah, USA Hardwick, Christian L.; Willis, Hobie W.; Gwynn, Mark L.Geothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2015
Produced Water Treatment Using Switchable Polarity Solvent Forward Osmosis (SPS FO) Technology Wendt, Daniel S.; Mines, Gregory L.; Orme, Christopher J.; Wilson, Aaron D.Geothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2015
Preliminary Ranking of Geothermal Potential in the Cascade and Aleutian and Volcanic Arcs, Part III: Regional Data Review and Modeling Coolbaugh, Mark; Shevenell, Lisa; Hinz, Nicholas H.; Stelling, Pete; Melosh, Glenn; Cumming, William; Kreemer, Corne; Wilmarth, MaxwellGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2015
Integrated Geologic and Geophysical Approach for Establishing Geothermal Play Fairways and Discovering Blind Geothermal Systems in the Great Basin Region, Western USA: A Progress Report Faulds, J.; Hinz, N.; Coolbaugh, M.; Shevenell, L.; Siler, D.; dePolo, C.; Hammond, W.; Kreemer, C.; Oppliger, G.; Wannamaker, P.; Queen, J.; Visser, C.Geothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2015
Geothermal Play-Fairway Analysis of Washington State Prospects Forson, Corina; Swyer, Michael W.; Schmalzle, Gina M.; Czajkowski, Jessica L.; Cladouhos, Trenton T.; Davatzes, Nicholas; Norman, David K.; Cole, Ryan A.Geothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2015
Cerro Prieto, Mexico — A Convective Extensional Geothermal Play Gutierrez-Negrin, Luis C. A.Geothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2015
Preliminary Ranking of Geothermal Potential in the Cascade and Aleutian Volcanic Arcs, Part II: Structural — Tectonic Settings of the Volcanic Centers Hinz, Nicholas H.; Coolbaugh, Mark; Shevenell, Lisa; Melosh, Glenn; Cumming, William; Stelling, PeteGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2015
Low-Temperature Geothermal Energy Characterization by Play Fairway Analysis for the Appalachian Basin of New York, Pennsylvania and West Virginia Jordan, T.; Camp, E.; Smith, J.; Whealton, C.; Horowitz, F.; Stedinger, J.; Tester, J.; Richards, M.; Hornbach, M.; Frone, Z.; Bolat, R.; Anderson, B.; He, X.; Welcker, K.Geothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2015
Integration of Data in a Play Fairway Analysis of Geothermal Potential Across the State of Hawaii Lautze, Nicole; Thomas, Donald; Hinz, Nicholas; Frazer, Neil; Ito, Garrett; Waller, David; Schuchmann, Hannah; Brady, MarkGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2015
Geothermal Play Fairway Analysis of Potential Geothermal Resources in NE California, NW Nevada, and Southern Oregon: A Transition between Extension-Hosted and Volcanically-Hosted Geothermal Fields McClain, J.; Dobson, P.; Cantwell, C.; Conrad, M.; Ferguson, C.; Fowler, A.; Gasperikova, E.; Glassley, W.; Hawkes, S.; Schiffman, P.; Siler, D.; Spycher, N.; Ulrich, C.; Zhang, Y.; Zierenberg, R.Geothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2015
Adaptation of a Petroleum Exploration Tool to Geothermal Exploration: Preliminary Play Fairway Model of Tularosa Basin, New Mexico, and Texas Nash, Gregory; Bennett, Carlon R.Geothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2015
Hydrogeologic Windows: Detection of Blind and Traditional Geothermal Play Fairways in Southwestern New Mexico Using Conservative Element Concentrations and Advective-Diffusive Solute Transport Person, Mark; Kelley, Shari; Kelley, Richard; Karra, Satish; Harp, Dylan; Witcher, James; Bielicki, Jeffrey; Sutula, Glenn; Middleton, Richard; Pepin, Jeff D.Geothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2015