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Considering Future Feasible Agricultural Projects for Direct Use of Geothermal Energy at Eburru Geothermal Field Ngethe, John; Jalilinasrabady, SaeidGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2020
Experiment of the Influence of Temperature Boundary on the Migration of Underground Contaminants Bu, Shuaibo; Lei, Haiyan; Dai, ChuanshanGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2020
Integration of the Calcium Silicate Hydrate (CaSil) Technology into Geothermal Power Generation – An Overview of the State-of-Art and Potential Applications Johnston, James H.; Borrmann, Thomas; Schweig, Michael; Cairns, Mathew J.; Fraser, H. PutriGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2020
Geothermal Play Fairway Analysis of the Sou Hills, Northern Nevada: A Major Quaternary Accommodation Zone in the Great Basin Region Faulds, James E.; Sadowski, Andrew J.; Coolbaugh, Mark F.; Siler, Drew L.Geothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2020
Assessing Geothermal Projects Using Envision Petursdottir, Agla; Massey, Alexandria; Desjardins, Emilie; Brophy, Rachel; Harvey, WilliamGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2020
Using a Near-Freezing Subsurface to Heat One of Canada’s Remote and Northern Communities Comeau, Félix-Antoine; Giordano, Nicolò; Raymond, JasminGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2020
Streamlining Energy Sprawl: Assessment of Geothermal Impacts on Public Lands Cruce, Jesse R.; Cook, Jeff; Larsen, TimGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2020
Path to SuperHot Geothermal Energy Development Petty, Susan; Uddenberg, Matthew; Garrison, Geoffrey H.; Watz, Jill; Hill, BruceGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2020
Washington State Geothermal Play-Fairway Analysis: Preliminary TCH Drilling Results Cladouhos, Trenton; Steely, Alex; Davatzes, NicholasGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2020
Energy from Magma Eichelberger, John; Lavallee, Yan; Ludden, John; Papale, Paolo; Kennedy, BenGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2020
Rapid Geothermal District Heating Assessments For Municipal Utility Planners in the USA Fry, NicholasGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2020
Study on energy storage coupling system of low-cost geothermal heating Liu, Dongxi; Zhang, Wei; Zhang, Jiaqi; Meng, Qingyao; Lu, XinliGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2020
Geomechanical Considerations in Modeling Heat Extraction from Enhanced Geothermal Systems Okoroafor, Esuru R.; Hawkins, Adam J.; Horne, Roland N.Geothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2020
Prediction of Thermal Conductivity Based on Physical Properties of Soil and Rock Shao, Qianyu; Arigovindan, MuthuGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2020
Initial Results of Machine Learning Techniques Applied to the Nevada Geothermal Play Fairway Analysis Smith, Connor M.; Faulds, James E.; Coolbaugh, Mark; Brown, StephenGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2020
Which geologic characteristics control porosity and permeability in hydrothermal reservoirs? Siler, Drew L.; Pepin, Jeff D.; Holt, Richard; Johnston, Henry; Beckers, Koenraad F.; Martin, Michael; Duplyakin, DmitryGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2020
Hydrogeological Conceptual Model for the Casiri-Kallapuma Geothermal Zone, Tacna, Perú Velarde, Yuliana; Cruz, Vicentina; Condori, EdwinGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2020
Balancing Energy Supply and Demand by Underground Thermal Energy Storage Veldkamp, Hans; Dinkelman, Dorien; Koornneef, JorisGeothermal Resources Council Bulletinpdf 2020
Launch of Geothermal Rising: Using the Earth to Save the Earth Pettitt, Will; Feinerman, CharlieGeothermal Resources Council Bulletinpdf 2020
Geothermal Energy Looks to Expand Reach in the United States Howard, KevinGeothermal Resources Council Bulletinpdf 2020
New Opportunities and Applications for Closed-Loop Geothermal Energy Systems Muir, John R.Geothermal Resources Council Bulletinpdf 2020
Geothermal Rising News Geothermal Resources Council Bulletinpdf 2020
Guest Editor Letter Podgorney, RobertGeothermal Resources Council Bulletinpdf 2020
In Memoriam Geothermal Resources Council Bulletinpdf 2020
If Oil and Gas Becomes Geothermal, What Does Geothermal Become? Beard, Jamie C.Geothermal Resources Council Bulletinpdf 2020