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Low Temperature Geothermal Resources at Huabei Oilfield, China Li, Kewen; Lingyu Zhang; Qingkun Ma; Mingsheng Liu; Jun Ma; Fan DongGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2007
State Policy Recommendations for Geopowering Texas: An Example for States to Follow in Developing Their Geothermal Energy Resource on Non-Federal Acreage Erdlac, Richard J., Jr.Geothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2007
Cost Effective Small Scale ORC Systems for Power Recovery from Low Enthalpy Geothermal Resources Smith, I. K.; Stosic, N.; Kovacevic, A.; Langson, R.Geothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2007
Elevating Geothermal Temperatures Albers, Walter F.Geothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2007
Exploring the Relationship between Geothermal Resources and Geodetically Inferred Faults Slip Rates in the Great Basin Hammond, William C.; Kreemer, Corne; Blewitt, GeoffGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2007
3D MT Resistivity Imaging for Geothermal Resource Assessment and Environmental Mitigation at the Glass Mountain KGRA, California Cumming, William; Mackie, RandallGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2007
Enhanced Geothermal Innovative Network for Europe: The State-of-the-Art Ledru, P.; Bruhn, D.; Calcagno, P.; Genter, A.; Huenges, E.; Kaltschmitt, M.; Karytsas, C.; Kohl, T.; Le Bel, L.; Lokhorst, A.; Manzella, A.; Thorhalsson, S.Geothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2007
Enhanced Geothermal Resources: Indian Scenario Chandrasekhar, Varun; Chandrasekharam, D.Geothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2007
Resource Exploitation at Steamboat, Nevada: What it takes to Document and Understand the Reservoir/Groundwater/Community Interaction Klein, Christopher W.; Johnson, Stuart; Spielman, PaulGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2007
Low Cost Exploration, Testing, and Development of the Chena Geothermal Resource Benoit, Dick; Holdmann, Gwen; Blackwell, DavidGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2007
Assessment of Thermal Resources in the Niutuozhen Geothermal Field, Gu'an County, North China Basin Yin Xiulan; Tian Tingshan; Dong Ying; Huang WenqiGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2007
The USGS National Geothermal Resource Assessment: An Update Williams, Colin F.; Reed, Marshall J.; Galanis, S. Peter, Jr.; DeAngelo, JacobGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2007
Ensuring Resource Adequacy for a Commercial Geothermal Project Sanyal, Subir K.Geothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2007
U.S. Geothermal Supply Characterization Petty, Susan; Porro, GianGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2007
Geothermal Resource of Rwanda Rutagarama, Uwera; Kamra, Anis AbdallahGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2007
Advances in Geothermal Resource Exploration Circa 2007 Monastero, Francis C.; Coolbaugh, Mark F.Geothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2007
Advances in the Past 20 Years: Geochemistry in Geothermal Exploration, Resource Evaluation and Reservoir Management Klein, Christopher W.Geothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2007
Advances in Geothermal Production Engineering in Recent Decades Gallup, Darrell L.Geothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2007
Study of Geothermal Resources Assessment and Numerical Simulation in the Tuanbo Region Zhu Jialing; Wang KunGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2002
Tetra-Porosity Models of Geothermal Reservoirs With Faults Suarez-Arriaga, Mario-CesarGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2002
Evaluation of Fluorocarbon Tracer Retention in Dry and Wet Sand Column Tests Maxfield, Blake T.; Ginosar, Daniel M.; McMurtrey, Ryan D.Geothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2002
Updated Numerical Simulation of the Miravalles Geothermal Field, Costa Rica Mainieri, Alfredo; Gonzalez, Carlos; Moya, Paul; Sanchez, Eduardo; Yock, Antonio; Pham, Minh; Granados, Eduardo; Klein, C. W.Geothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2002
Thermal-Hydrodynamic-Chemical (THC) Model Calibration Study Based on Geothermal Field Data Kiryukhin, Alexey; Xu, Tianfu; Pruess, Karsten; Apps, John; Slovtsov, IgorGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2002
Modeling Fracture Initiation and Propagation Using a Poro-Thermoelastic Boundary Element Method Zhang, Q.; Ghassemi, A.Geothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2002
Fracture Development Within the Karaha-Telaga Bodas Geothermal Field, Indonesia Nemcok, Michal; Moore, Joseph N.; Allis, Rick; McCulloch, JessGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2002