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Petro-physical Characterization of Lodgepole Formation as a Geothermal Reservoir Vashaghian, Sara; Gyimah, Emmanuel; Olusegun, Tomomewo; Saberi, FatemehGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2023
A VOI Web Application for Distinct Geothermal Domains: Statistical Evaluation of Different Data Types within the Great Basin Trainor-Guitton, Whitney; Rosado, SierraGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2023
Sedimentary Geothermal Play Types of the Texas Gulf Coast: Applications to Electrical Power Generation Stautberg, Eric; Sonnenberg, Stephen A.Geothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2023
Integrated Conceptual Model of Sedimentary Basin-Hosted Geothermal Fields in Imperial Valley, CA Ramirez, Gabrielle; Zuza, Robin; Johnson, Adam; Murphy, John; Akerley, JohnGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2023
Importance of Understanding Bottom-Up Control when Characterizing Geothermal Systems Peacock, Jared R.; Bedrosian, Paul A.Geothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2023
Unlocking the Potential of Geothermal Energy in North Dakota's Williston Basin: Developing a Correction Method for Bottom Hole Temperatures Namie, Shane; Alamooti, Moones; Eiring, ShaneGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2023
Towards Subsurface Stress and Strain Monitoring and Modeling at Geothermal Fields -- a Case Study of the Patua Geothermal Field Nakata, Nori; Hopp, Chet; Luo, Linqing; Qiu, Hongrui; Vasco, Don W.; Lisabeth, Harry; Smith, Torquil; Sonnenthal, Eric; Robertson, Michelle; Swyer, MichaelGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2023
3D Natural State Model of Menengai East Geothermal Reservoir, Kenya Mutonga, Marietta W.; Fujimitsu, YasuhiroGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2023
A Comparison of Pre-Drill and Post-Drill In-situ Stress Estimates for the Eavor-DeepTM 18,000 ft-TVD Closed-Loop Geothermal Demonstration Well Rogers, Anna; Wallis, Irene; Fox, AmyGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2023
An Assessment of the Red River Formation as A Geothermal Hotspot In North Dakota: A Machine Learning Approach Koray, Abdul Muaizz; Gyimah, Emmanuel; Rahnema, Hamid; Tomomewo, OlusegaunGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2023
Distribution and Isotopic Composition of Li in the Salton Sea Geothermal Field Humphreys, J.; Brounce, M.; McKibben, M. A.; Dobson, P.; Planavsky, N.; Kalderon-Asael, B.Geothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2023
Feature Engineering of Fault Attributes for Play Fairway Analysis, Great Basin Region, USA Hart-Wagoner, Nicole R.; Coolbaugh, Mark; Faulds, James E.; Mlawsky, ElijahGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2023
Heat Flow Study and Reservoir Characterization Approach of the Red River Formation to Quantify Geothermal Potential Gyimah, Emmanuel; Tomomewo, Olusegun; Vashaghian, Sara; Uzuegbu, Jude E.; Meenakshisundaram, Ajan; Ouadi, Habib; Laalam, AimenGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2023
Utilization of a Python Algorithm to Evaluate Changes in Y-Grid Based Reservoir Temperature and Liquid Saturation at the Coso Geothermal Field Fishbin, Amanda; Wallis, Irene; Haizlip, Jill; Blake, Kelly; Buck, CliffGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2023
Evaluation of 2-Meter Temperature Surveys from the Coso Geothermal Field, CA Zimmerman, Jade; Blake, Kelly; Nale, Stephanie; Sabin, Andrew; Huang, Wei-ChuangGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2023
Environmental Impact Assessment of Lithium Recovery from Geothermal Brines in the SS-KGRA: An Overview Busse, Margaret M.; Stokes-Draut, Jennifer; Camarillo, Mary Kay; Millstein, Dev; Slattery, Margaret; McKibben, Michael; Dobson, Patrick; Stringfellow, WilliamGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2023
A Natural State and Production Forecast Model of the Salton Sea Geothermal Field for Lithium Extraction O’Sullivan, John; Araya, Naod; Popineau, Joris; Renaud, Theo; Riffault, JeremyGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2023
Numerical Investigation of Fishbone Well Design Impact on Geothermal System Enhancement in North Dakota Ouadi, Habib; Laalam, Aimen; Tomomewo, Olusegun; Alamooti, Moones; Dehdouh, Abdesselem; Kareb, Ahmed; Gyimah, EmmanuelGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2023
Techno-Economic Analysis for a Potential Geothermal District Heating System in Tuttle, Oklahoma Akar, Sertaç Oh, Hyunjun; Beckers, Koenraad; Vivas, Cesar; Salehi, SaeedGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2023
Coupled Thermal Hydraulic Mechanical and Chemical (THMC) Modeling of the GreenLoop system in the Southeast Geysers, California Chandrasekar, Harish; Sonnenthal, Eric; Amaya, Alvaro; Rutqvist, Jonny; Oldenburg, Curtis; Golla, Glenn; Manuel, Fred; Klenner, Rob; Ng, Anthony; Ellis, Savi; Gilbert, Benson; Scherer, JosephGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2023
A 3D Conceptual and Natural-State Model of the Salton Sea Geothermal Field Araya, Naod; O’Sullivan, JohnGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2022
Development of a Coupled Multi-Field Utah FORGE Native State Model: Phase 3 Update Liu, Ruijie; Podgorney, Rob; Finnila, Aleta; Xing, Pengju; McLennan, John; Moore, JoeGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2022
Geothermal in Western U.S. Resource Planning: A Review of Recent Results Thomsen, PaulGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2021
Machine Learning to Characterize State of Stress Influence on Geothermal Production Vesselinov, Velimir; Frash, Luke; Ahmmed, Bulbul; Mudunuru, Maruti K.Geothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2021
Geothermal District Heating in the United States: 2021 Update Kolker, Amanda; Beckers, Koenraad; Pauling, Hannah; Flores, Francisco; Robins, JodyGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2021