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A Reduced Form Representation of Temperature Drawdown in Sedimentary Basin Geothermal Reservoirs for the Development of Optimal Management Strategies Patel, I.; Bielicki, J.; Buscheck, T.Proceedings: Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineeringpdf 2016
Hydrogeologic Windows and Estimating the Prospectivity of Geothermal Resources Bielicki, J.; Blackwell, D.; Harp, D.; Karra, S.; Kelley, R.; Kelley, S.; Middleton, R.; Person, M.; Sutula, G.; Witcher, JamesProceedings: Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineeringpdf 2016
The Value of Bulk Energy Storage in Sedimentary Basin Geothermal Resources for Reducing CO2 Emissions Ogland-Hand, J.; Bielicki, J.; Buscheck, T.;Proceedings: Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineeringpdf 2016
Sedimentary Basin Geothermal Resource for Cost-Effective Generation of Renewable Electricity from Sequestered Carbon Dioxide Bielicki, J.; Adams, B.; Choi, H.; Jamiyansuren, B.; Saar, M.; Taff, S.; Kuehn, T.; Buscheck, T.; Ogland-Hand, J.Proceedings: Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineeringpdf 2016
Hydrogeologic Windows: Detection of Blind and Traditional Geothermal Play Fairways in Southwestern New Mexico Using Conservative Element Concentrations and Advective-Diffusive Solute Transport Person, Mark; Kelley, Shari; Kelley, Richard; Karra, Satish; Harp, Dylan; Witcher, James; Bielicki, Jeffrey; Sutula, Glenn; Middleton, Richard; Pepin, Jeff D.Geothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2015
Multi-Fluid Geothermal Energy Systems in Stratigraphic Reservoirs: Using Brine, N2, and CO2 for Dispatchable Renewable Power Generation and Bulk Energy Storage Buscheck, Thomas; Bielicki, Jeffrey; Randolph, Jimmy; Chen, Mingjie; Hao, Yue; Edmunds, Thomas; Yunwei, SunProceedings: Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineeringpdf 2014
Geothermal Power for Integration of Intermittent Generation Edmunds, Thomas A.; Buscheck, Thomas A.; Bielicki, Jeffrey M.; Sotorrio, PedroGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2014
Multi-Fluid Geothermal Energy Production and Storage in Stratigraphic Reservoirs Buscheck, Thomas A.; Chen, Mingjie; Hao, Yue; Bielicki, Jeffrey M.; Randolph, Jimmy B.; Sun, Yunwei; Choi, HyungjinGeothermal Resources Council Transactionspdf 2013
Analysis of Operational Strategies for Utilizing CO2 for Geothermal Energy Production Buscheck, Thomas A.; Chen, Mingjie; Lu, Chuanhe; Sun, Yunwei; Hao, Yue; Celia, Michael A.; Elliot, Thomas R.; Choi, Hyungjin; Bielicki, Jeffrey M.Proceedings: Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineeringpdf 2013